May 9, 2020

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Introducing WordPress Headstart

WordPress Headstart is A minimalistic wordpress starter theme powered with bootsrtap 4, jquery and gulp with auto sass and babel compilation, developed for fast and easy wordpress theme development.

I always found starting a wordpress theme from scratch frustrating and other starter themes either felt too bloated or not exactly what I needed so I created this starter theme to make developing a new wordpress theme quick and easy and also be able to use sass and ES6+ javascript (which are the basic standards now) with auto transpilation for older browsers.

visit github repository


  • download zip
  • copy the theme folder to wp-content/themes
  • activate the theme in the admin panel


  • this starter theme uses gulp for js(babel) and sass transpilation
  • run npm intall command in the root of the theme to install gulp and other dependencies
  • put images in images folder
  • put your own javascript files in src/js and javascript libraries in src/js/libs, all of thiese files will be concated into main.js
  • put your css and scss files in src/style and css libraries in src/style/libs, all of these files will be concated and minified into style.css and libs.css files
  • run gulp build in the root of the theme to build all styles and scripts in dist folder all files in this folder will be minified and compatible with all browsers
  • run gulp start in the root of the theme to auto build scripts and styles whenever you edit the regarding files
  • all basic wordpress files are included in this theme, you can start editing them and add more wordpress files